WINAYA INSPIRASI NUSANTARA – WIN (Winaya Inspirasi Nusantara Foundation – WINF)

Winaya Inspirasi Nusantara is a research institution that is independent, non-partisan and non-profit, and is an independent research institute on all-science in Aceh, which was founded with a passion to improve the contribution of intellectuals in an effort to improve the development and quality of life for the people of Aceh and development, with the vision to realize Winaya Inspirasi Nusantara as a center of scientific studies that values all-science, as well as the realization of life in Aceh fair, intelligent, creative, integrative, and dynamic backed by science and technology humane and to help improve the lives of the people of Aceh in all areas impactfully.  And will contribute an action by introducing civic engangement to be implemented to empowering people through conducting seminar, workshop, and socialization, etc.

Winaya Inspirasi Nusantara is a full-service research agency. We have extensive experience in telephone, on-line, mail, face-to-face and mixed mode survey research and a specialist qualitative research team with expertise in designing and conducting rigorous research using the full range of methods (including focus groups, in-depth interviews, case studies, deliberative events and workshops). Additionally, Winaya Inspirasi Nusantara provide all-science research community through the publication of a scientific periodical journals, namely Journal of Society Innovation and Development (JSID), with access to world-class survey research services and a full range of survey design, data management, analytical and qualitative skills. Winaya Inspirasi Nusantara has a high standing and well-established links with key academic and non-profit research agencies. These partnerships include a Memorandum of Understanding with the Universities and research center to foster closer ties. We believe that by specializing purely in all-science research we are well placed, not only to better understand the demands of such research, but also to strive to continuously improve the methods used.